Arthrozene Review: One TERRIBLE joint supplement! (2023)



Joint health support


Flexibility support




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  • Collagen is completely ineffective as a supplement
  • No glucosamine - we get a strange derivative instead
  • Boswellia serrata extract strength not given - could be 0 for all we know!
  • No curcumin
  • No mineral support
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Arthrozene Review Overview

Arthrozene is a terrible joint supplement. We have no idea how it has become one of the best-selling joint and flexibility products in the US. It uses poor ingredients with no clinical backing whatsoever, we know nothing about the extract potencies, and the makers clearly know nothing about glucosamine! These scammy ingredients haven’t been properly studied, so we can’t be sure they’re even safe for regular consumption. There are better joint supplements for sure!


Arthrozene Review: What does this joint supplement do?

Arthrozene is a natural joint pain relief supplement. It is currently one of the best-selling joint supplements in the US, and possibly the world. Many people still use individual substances to alleviate joint pain, but stacks like Arthrozene – which provide a cocktail of natural joint pain relivers – are becoming more popular. So what does it do exactly?

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Arthrozene doesn’t hold back on the promises. According to the bottle, this natural joint supplement can:

  1. Relieve stiffness & discomfort
  2. Increase flexibility and motility
  3. Work in as little as 5 days

Now, every joint supplement should be promising to alleviate pain and promote motility. That’s what joint supplements are for! So Arthrozene isn’t promising anything special there.

But few joint supplements claim to work in just 5 days!

Can Arthrozene really work in less than a week? Does it work at all? Is it safe? What is in Arthrozene? Are there better joint supplements out there right now? Find out answers to these questions by reading our detailed Arthrozene review below!

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Arthrozene ingredients

Let’s check out the formula and see what this joint supplement can really do. Here is the Arthrozene ingredients list as it is displayed on the label:

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Here is a quick breakdown of the ingredients in case that image doesn’t load:

  • ApresFlex boswellia serrata extract – 100mg
  • Mobilee natural chicken comb extract – 80mg
  • B-2Cool native collagen type II – 40mg

We’ll now go through the Arthrozene ingredients one by one, examining the scientific evidence, and explaining what they do (or don’t do) for joint health. We’ll then tell you what we think of the Arthrozene formula as a whole. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section at the end.

ApresFlex Boswellia serrata extract – 100mg

Boswellia serrata is a tree gum used as an aromatic across the Middle East and parts of Asia. It is also sometimes used in Ayurverdic and Chinese traditional medicines, although purposes vary greatly (as is always the case with traditional “medicine”).

Recent studies have found that compounds in Boswellia serrata – boswellic acids – can inhibit an enzyme called 5-Lipoxygenase. This enzyme catalyzes the biosynthesis of a group of inflammatory mediators. Basically, the enzyme 5-Lipoxygenase is inflammatory, and boswellic acids might inhibit this enzyme. At least one study has shown that osteoarthritis patients taking a highly potent Boswellia serrata extract exhibited significantly improved pain and physical function scores.

Arthrozene contains 100mg of this ingredients, which is less than the 250mg found to be most effective in the clinical trials. However, 100mg should still have some positive effect on pain and motility so long as you are using a potent extract rich in AKBA (which we don’t get from Arthrozene).

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Mobilee natural chicken comb extract – 80mg

The reason chicken comb extract is included in Arthrozene is the compounds it provides; namely, hyaluronic acid, collagen type II, and glucosaminoglycans. We aren’t told how much of each substance we get here, which is a serious issue. The best joint supplements all provide exact dosages for each of these ingredients.

We’ll now go through each of these compounds individually as there is a lot to cover.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is found in high concentrations in your connective tissues, skin, and eyes. In the skin, it binds to water, helping your skin to retain moisture. The same process occurs in your joints; hyaluronic acid keeps water in your joints, helping to keep them lubricated and working properly.

Doses of 200mg per day have been found to be effective for reducing joint pain – a lot more than the maximum 80mg we might get from Arthrozene.


Collagen is probably the most commonly-used joint supplement in the world. Collagen is an integral component of cartilage; the stuff that makes up several body parts and protects your joints. Consuming cartilage to promote joint health might intuitively seem like a good idea, but studies have so far failed to conclusively prove that collagen supplementation reduces joint pain.


Glucosaminoglycans doesn’t exist. The makers of Arthrozene probably meant glycosaminoglycans. We’ll ignore this massive blunder for now and move on.

Glycosaminoglycans is probably the most interesting ingredient in Arthrozene. Glucosamine is a very common ingredient in joint supplements. It is an amino acid sugar that is found in high concentrations in all of the tissues which support your joints – cartilage, tendons, lubricating fluids, and ligaments. People take glucosamine because it is needed to form glycosaminoglycans; a group of compounds vital for proper joint function.

Now, taking glycosaminoglycans is not more efficient than taking glucosamine. No studies have been done to examine the efficacy of glycosaminoglycans supplementation. By contrast, hundreds have been done on glucosamine and its effects on joint health. Your body cannot necessarily absorb glycosaminoglycans.

Why does Arthrozene use this untested substance instead of one of the most effective joint supplements in the world?

B-2Cool native collagen type II

More collagen. Arthrozene contains two separate sources of collagen. Since we have no idea how much collagen we get from the chicken comb extract, you might say it’s a good thing that they’ve added an extra 40mg.

That would be the case if collagen wasn’t completely ineffective for improving joint function and reducing joint pain. Clinical trials looking at the efficacy of collagen for improving flexibility and motility have returned wildly inconsistent results. Some find it good for reducing joint pain. Others find it does nothing.

In cases like this, we’re always inclined to go with the negative results. Until we see more concrete evidence (like large-scale meta-analyses), we’re forced to conclude that collagen supplementation does nothing for your joints. Arthrozene is wasting your money here!

Formula analysis: Is Arthrozene any good?

On the whole, we think Arthrozene is a poor joint supplement.

Sure, it contains some effective ingredients. Boswellia serrata extract can dramatically reduce joint pain and ease swelling. Using it long-term can help prevent chronic joint inflammation and promote flexibility.

However, we aren’t told how much AKBK (the active component) we get from the extract. If you’re only using 100mg of Boswellia extract per day, we’d ideally like an extract that is 20% AKBK. Arthrozene might provide a lot less than that!

The rest of the Arthrozene formula is even less inspiring.

Collagen is a vital component of your connective tissues. Having reduced levels of collagen will lead to joint wear-and-tear, as well as reduced flexibility.

But that doesn’t mean supplementing with collagen does a thing for your joints.

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Clinical trials have failed to show that supplementing with collagen improves joint health. Until we see more consistent results, or good meta-analysis, we’re calling collagen out as totally bogus.

Arthrozene doesn’t contain anywhere near enough Hyaluronic acid to have a significant effect on flexibility or joint lubrication.

Most studies showing good results from hyaluronic acid have used 200mg per day. The most Arthrozene can contain is 80mg, and it probably contains a lot less!

Then there’s the glycosaminoglycans disaster – why not just use glucosamine?!

Glycosaminoglycans is not necessarily effective for promoting better joints, whereas glucosamine is!

All-in-all, Arthrozene does not have a very good formula.

Arthrozene’s formula has serious problems. The lack of precise dosing information, the use of untested and unproven ingredients, and the failure to properly research glucosamine all combine to make a weak joint supplement.

If you’re looking for a truly effective, potent, scientifically-verified joint supplement, Arthrozene isn’t it. There are better joint supplements out there, no doubt about it!


Arthrozene Side Effects: Is it safe?

Does Arthrozene cause side effect?

Generally speaking, Athrozene should be safe for the vast majority of users. Natural joint supplements are typically safe and side effect-free when used correctly. None of the ingredients in Arthrozene are known to cause side effects, and no customer reviews on Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or joint supplement blogs mention serious adverse effects from using Arthrozene. For 99% of users, Arthrozene will not cause any side effects whatsoever.

That said, there is still a chance that Arthrozene will cause some side effects for a minority of users.

Some people experience problems when taking collagen type II. Common side effects of collagen type II supplementation include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

Some long-term users of collagen supplements also experience liver problems. This isn’t particularly surprising since the body is not exactly designed to consume and process collagen on a regular basis. This means that while Arthrozene side effects are going to be rare, it is certainly possible for Arthrozene adverse effects to occur.

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The important thing to remember is that we do not have exact doses for the substances found in Arthrozene. We don’t know how much hyaluronic acid we are getting per serving, which is a concern.

On the whole though, Arthrozene looks like a safe supplement. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and stop using it immediately if you do experience any side effects.

CAUTION – Disclaimer

It is vital that you do your research carefully before using any new joint supplement. Arthrozene looks safe for most people, but you all have your individual needs and unique medical histories. You must talk to a qualified doctor before using Arthrozene. We are not doctors and this is not medical advice.

Arthrozene Review Conclusion: Is Arthrozene a good joint supplement?


In our opinion, Athrozene is not a good joint supplement at all.

If you’ve read our full Arthrozene review, you’ll know that we are far from impressed with this product.

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There are so many problems with the formula that we hardly know where to begin.

First there’s the use of collagen, which has never been shown to be effective for reducing joint pain or promoting flexibility.

Then there’s the use of glycosaminoglycans instead of glucosamine. We have no idea why they have used a totally unproven, untested, potentially worthless substance when we know that supplementing with glucosamine works so well.

Arthrozene does contain one effective joint pain-reliever; Boswellia serrata extract. However, we don’t know how potent the extract is. The best joint supplements all make this very clear. The fact that Arthrozene doesn’t is a big red flag for us.

All things considered, Arthrozene is a poor joint supplement.

The top joint supplements on the market today all provide nothing but potent extracts at generous doses. Arthrozene just can’t compete. It might have been a good supplement a few years ago, but the market has moved on a lot since then.

If you want a high quality joint supplement to reduce pain, protect joints from wear, and improve flexibility, then Arthrozene isn’t it. Better choices are available.

Looking for the best joint supplement money can buy?

Arthrozene Review: One TERRIBLE joint supplement! (5)

Our #1 Rated Joint Stack: Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro is - in our opinion - the best joint supplement on sale right now. We have spent a long time trying and reviewing different joint supplements, and Physio Flex Pro has blown us away. It combines generous doses of potent ingredients with genuine clinical backing. The ingredient quality is exceptional, and all bases are covered - flexibility, joint health, pain, etc.

Physio Flex Pro users typically see a reduction in joint pain in as little as 6 weeks, and we have noticed significant improvements in flexibility after 12 weeks. Safe, natura, and side effect-free! To make things better, this is the only joint supplement in the world to be recommended by joint specialists and physiotherapists. We've never seen a better joint supplement, and we can't imagine we will any time soon!


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